Scientific Journals

Here I try to collect information about all scientific journals which could be used by botanists for publications of their results of investigations. If you know more, please write us 

Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis

Acta Botanica Brasilica (Impact Factor,2015: 0.584)

Acta Botanica Croatica (Impact Factor,2015: 0.734)

Acta Botanica Mexicana (in Spanish)

Acta Horti Botanici Bucurestiensis

Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica

Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae (Impact Factor,2015: 1.213)

Advances in Botanical Research (Impact Factor,2015: 1.204)


Aliso: A Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany

Alpine Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.645)

American Fern Journal (Impact Factor,2015: 0.462)

American Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 2.811)

Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid (Impact Factor,2015: 0.679)

Annals of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 3.982)

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden (Impact Factor,2015: 1.368)

Annual Review of Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 22.131)

AoB PLANTS (Impact Factor,2015: 2.079)

Aquatic Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.846)


Australian Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.586)

Australian Systematic Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.648)

Bangladesh Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.301)

Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy (Impact Factor,2015: 0.341)

Biodiversity: Research and Conservation

Biologia Plantarum (Impact Factor,2015: 1.665)

Blumea – Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants (Impact Factor,2015: 0.419)

Blyttia (in Norwegian)


Boletín de la Sociedad Botánica de México (Impact Factor,2015: 1.314)

Botanica Marina (Impact Factor,2015: 1.250)

Botanica Pacifica

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society (Impact Factor,2015: 2.523)

Botanical Studies (Impact Factor,2015: 1.159)

Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.317)

Botany Letters (Impact Factor,2015: 0.776)

Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation (Impact Factor,2015: 0.486)

Brazilian Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.734)

Brittonia (Impact Factor,2015: 0.652)

Cactus and Succulent Journal

Canadian Journal of Plant Science (Impact Factor,2015: 0.727)

Candollea (Impact Factor,2015: 0.386)

Castanea (Impact Factor,2015: 0.255)

Chornomorski Botanical  Journal

Critical Reviews In Plant Sciences (Impact Factor,2015: 4.81)

Cryptogamie, Algologie (Impact Factor,2015: 1.487)

Cryptogamie, Bryologie (Impact Factor,2015: 1.389)

Cryptogamie, Mycologie (Impact Factor,2015: 1.509)

Current Opinion in Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 6.78)

Darwiniana, new series

Economic Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.109)

Edinburgh Journal of Botany

Environmental and Experimental Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 3.712)

European Journal of Botany, Plant Sciences and Phytology

Flora Mediterranea

Folia Geobotanica (Impact Factor,2015: 1.433)

Frontiers in Plant Science

Functional Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.491)

Fungal Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.244)

Fungal Diversity (Impact Factor,2015: 6.991)

Fungal Genetics And Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.933)

Gayana Botanica (Impact Factor,2015: 0.232)

Global Journal of Botanical Science

Gorteria (Impact Factor,2015: 0.056)

Grana (Impact Factor,2015: 0.868)

Harmful Algae (Impact Factor,2015: 2.664)

Harvard Papers in Botany

Haseltonia (Impact Factor,2015: 0.5)

Iheringia Serie Botanica (Impact Factor,2015: 0.164)

In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant (Impact Factor,2015: 1.152)

International Journal of Advanced Research in Botany

International Journal of Botany Studies

International Journal of Herbal Medicine

International Journal of Plant Sciences (Impact Factor,2015: 1.536)

Israel Journal Of Plant Sciences (Impact Factor,2015: 0.111)

Journal for Nature Conservation (Impact Factor,2015: 2.220)

Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality (Impact Factor,2015: 1.085)

Journal of Botany

Journal of Bryology  (Impact Factor,2015: 1.325)

Journal of Experimental Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 5.677)

Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 3.67)

Journal of Phycology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.536)

Journal of Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 1.671)

Journal of Plant Development

Journal of Plant Ecology (Impact Factor,2015: 1.769)

Journal of Plant Growth Regulation (Impact Factor,2015: 2.166)

Journal of Plant Interactions (Impact Factor,2015: 1.191)

Journal of Plant Pathology (Impact Factor,2015: 1.038)

Journal of Plant Physiology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.971)

Journal of Plant Research (Impact Factor,2015: 1.684)

Journal of Systematics and Evolution (Impact Factor,2015: 1.134)


Legume Research (Impact Factor,2015: 0.145)


Makinoa New Series

Molecular Plant (Impact Factor,2015: 7.142)

Mycologia (Impact Factor,2015: 2.638)

Mycology and Phytopathology

Mycopathologia (Impact Factor,2015: 1.671)

Mycorrhiza (Impact Factor,2015: 3.252)

Mycoscience (Impact Factor,2015: 1.165)

Mycotaxon (Impact Factor,2015: 0.61)

Modern Phytomorphology

Natura Montenegrina 

Nature (Impact Factor,2015: 38.138)

New Journal of Botany

New Phytologist (Impact Factor,2015: 7.21)

New Zealand Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.806)

Nordic Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.92)

Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca (Impact Factor,2015: 0.463)

Nova Hedwigia (Impact Factor,2015: 0.876)

Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature (Impact Factor,2015: 0.376)


Pakistan Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 0.658)


Persoonia (Impact Factor,2015: 5.725)

Phycologia (Impact Factor,2015: 1.628)

Phycological Research (Impact Factor,2015: 1.42)

Physiologia Plantarum (Impact Factor,2015: 3.52)

Phytochemistry (Impact Factor,2015: 2.779)

Phytocoenologia (Impact Factor,2015: 1.828)

Phytologia Balcanica

Phyton-Annales Rei Botanicae (Impact Factor,2015: 0.442)

Phytotaxa (Impact Factor,2015: 1.087)

Plant and Cell Physiology (Impact Factor,2015: 4.319)

Plant Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 2.216)

Plant Biotechnology (Impact Factor,2015: 0.853)

Plant Biotechnology Journal  (Impact Factor,2015: 6.09)

Plant Biotechnology Reports (Impact Factor,2015: 1.49)

Plant, Cell & Environment  (Impact Factor,2015: 6.169)

Plant Cell Reports (Impact Factor,2015: 3.088)

Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture (Impact Factor,2015: 2.39)

Plant Diversity

Plant Ecology & Diversity (Impact Factor,2015: 2.349)

Plant Ecology and Evolution (Impact Factor,2015: 1.162)

Plant Growth Regulation (Impact Factor,2015: 2.333)

Plant Molecular Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 3.905)

Plant Molecular Biology Reporter (Impact Factor,2015: 2.304)

Plant Physiology (Impact Factor,2015: 6.28)

Plant Reproduction (Impact Factor,2015: 2.468)

Plant Science (Impact Factor,2015: 3.362)

Plant Science Today

Plant Species Biology (Impact Factor,2015: 1.303)

Plant Systematics and Evolution (Impact Factor,2015: 1.361)

Planta (Impact Factor,2015: 3.239)

Polish Botanical Journal

Preslia (Impact Factor,2015: 2.711)

Revista Iberoamericana De Micologia (Impact Factor,2015: 1.444)

Rhodora (Impact Factor,2015: 0.41)

Science (Impact Factor,2015: 34.661)

Seed Science Research (Impact Factor,2015: 1.406)

South African Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.244)

Studia Biologica

Studies in Mycology (Impact Factor,2015: 13.889)

Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift (in Swedish)

Sydowia (Impact Factor,2015: 0.7)

Systematic Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.517)


Taxon (Impact Factor,2015: 2.907)

Telopea (Impact Factor,2015: 0.462)

Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany)

Thai Journal of Botany

The Botanical Review (Impact Factor,2015: 1.290)

The Bryologist  (Impact Factor,2015: 1.077)

The Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore

The Journal of Japanese Botany

The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society (Impact Factor,2015: 0.541)

The Lichenologist (Impact Factor,2015: 1.169)

The Plant Cell (Impact Factor,2015: 8.538)

The Plant Genome (Impact Factor,2015: 3.509)

The Plant Journal  (Impact Factor,2015: 5.468)

Trends In Plant Science (Impact Factor,2015: 10.889)

Tropical Conservation Science (Impact Factor,2015: 1.194)

Tropical Plant Research

Turkish Journal of Botany (Impact Factor,2015: 1.178)

Vegetation History and Archaeobotany (Impact Factor,2015: 2.039)

VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research (Impact Factor,2015: 2.039)

Ukrainian Botanical Journal

World Mycotoxin Journal (Impact Factor,2015: 2.091)

Wulfenia (Impact Factor,2015: 2.0)

Ботанический журнал (in Rissian)

Бюллетень ГБС (in Rissian)

Бюллетень Московского общества испытателей природы. Отдел биологический (in Rissian)

Інтродукція рослин (in Ukrainian)

Новости систематики высших растений (in Rissian)

Новости систематики низших растений (mostly in Rissian)

Растительность России (in Rissian)

Растительные ресурсы (in Rissian)

Фиторазнообразие Восточной Европы (in Rissian)