Three Botanical Gardens of Romania

Romania is a neighbor of motherland of the Global Botanical Portal, but the country isn’t popular tourism direction in Ukraine as Poland or Hungary. I can’t identificate reasons of it for sure, probably, they are a consequence of complex problems: political, historical, infrastuctural etc. Nevertheless Romania has a lot of interesting natural and architectural objects which will remain indifferent no one. Today I would like to talk about three Romanian botanical gardens in Iasi, Bucurest and Cluj-Napoca, which I had a opportunity to visit and which I liked 🙂


The Japanese Garden in the Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden (Cluj-Napoca)

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Date palm from a 2000-year-old seed

A lot of botanists would like to know answer for the question: “How long can seeds save their germination?” Unfortunately, nobody has the accurate data still. However, a group of scientists has recently made important steps in searching of it.15825737_1169544186425943_5276458049343752142_n Continue reading

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A question :)

Dear Botanists, the Global Botanical Portal is going to start organising of special field trips to different countries, where you will be able to visit interesting natural places with supporting of local botanists. Which countries or regions would you like to visit with us? Please, leave your answers in comments 🙂


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Would you like to be a volunteer?

Being a volunteer is a good way both to do important things and to travel around the World. Volunteering for botanists is a great opportunity to visit new places, to meet new plants, to talk with local experts etc., but the same time you will be involved in interesting and useful activity to provides services for no financial gain to benefit another person, group or organization. It often takes small money from you, and it gives you very valuable experience, skills, knowledge, contacts, impressions and memories. Of course, the Global Botanical Portal can’t pass by such opportunities for botanists, specially young, so today we will talk how you could find a volunteer project for yourself.


Mugla, Turkey

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Some pictures of rock ferns from East and South Europe

Today the Global Botanical Portal offers to talk about rock ferns. They are often small, but so wonderful plants, because grow in specific conditions with limited quantity of organic substances. These ferns are pioneers which inhabit on outcrops of rocks. Many from them are rare and endangered plants due to human activity which is often directed to distruction of their natural habitats for receiving of own benefits (building material, minerals, etc.).


Woodsia alpina (Bolton) S.F.Gray near Miusynsk town, Lugansk region, Ukraine

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About spring bulb plants of Ukrainian flora

The spring has come in Ukraine! 🙂 A lot of people post pictures of first blooming plants from different regions of the country in the web. Of course, the Global Botanical Pornal can’t be out the process. So, there are about 80 species of spring bulb plants in natural flora of Ukraine. I will show you some from them today


Tulipa quercetorum Klokov & Zoz

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Flower oasis in the heart of megapolis

I don’t know “why?”, but I started publishing of my stories in the pages of the Global Botanical Portal without mentions about a place of my current job – O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden of the Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv. Though it is an amazing place in Kyiv’s downtown, especially during spring. So, I have decided to change the situation, and to share some information and pictures from the flower oasis in the heart of megapolis.16998876_1220399904673704_1771191681944606315_n Continue reading

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Jerusalem Botanical Garden

The Global Botanical Portal continues to tell about botanical gardens of the World. After virtual visits to M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Botanical Garden of the Istanbul University, I would like to talk about the Jerusalem Botanical Garden which I have visited in December 2016. It was a new type of botanical gardens for me, that’s because a lot of African and South American plants grow outside of greenhouses there.

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