The Global Botanical Portal celebrates the first anniversary! :)

Today is a special day for the Global Botanical Portal, because we started our “life” from January 29, 2017 🙂 We said one year ago: “Hi, Botanical World!” 🙂

It has been the interesting year which has helped to receive much valuable experience. At the present it is enough hard to determine how successful the project is, but we often feel positive reaction of readers to our activity. Therefore, the Global Botanical Portal will continue working for us 🙂


Stipa pulcherrima K.Koch, the first posted picture of the Global Botanical Portal

Our current achievements:
– 39 posts, about 11000 visits of about 5000 visitors for the Global Botanical Portal
– 678 followers and 642 “likes” for our page in Facebook
– 86 posts and 86 followers of our page in Twitter.

We will be very glad, if you continue reading, collaborating, liking and subscribing our website and pages in social networks 🙂

Kind regards,
Mykyta Peregrym


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