Botanical Budapest: part 2

In 15th October 2017 The Global Botanical Portal has posted my photo impressions from visit of the Eötvös Loránd University Botanic Garden in Budapest (Hungary). I promised to continue my story there, but annual reports, preparation for Christmas and New Year hindered to do it. But, today I go on! 🙂
So, a little bit pictures and comments after visit of the Buda Arboretum of Szent István University in the end of July 2017 are below:Budapest_2017 328

The Buda Arboretum is situated on the southern slope (near the foot) of the 235 m high Hill of Gellert of the right bank of Budapest. The unique microclimate of the site gives possibilities for growing plants of subtropical original, which not only successfully overwinter in the open, but also produce flowers and viable seeds. Budapest_2017 312

Budapest_2017 313

The Arboretum is one of richest of dendrological parks of Hungary. It was initiated in the winter of 1893/94 and had total square about 3 ha. Today the Buda Arboretum covers 7,5 ha, and its collection counts over 1600 species and cultivars including more than 100 species of bulb plants.

Also it is important to notice its collection of water plants which is very decorative in the summer time. Budapest_2017 320Budapest_2017 321Budapest_2017 324

Probably, the staff of the Buda Arboretum carry out active education activity, so I met many information stands, tablets etc. Besides, there is a smaal plot with useful plants. Several sculptures make romantic atmosphere in the arboretum even during hot July 🙂Budapest_2017 316

I liked the place, and I would like to visit the Buddha Arboretum again, especially in springtime! 🙂 I hope someone of readers of the Global Botanical Portal come to the wonderful dendrological park too after our article.

Mykyta Peregrym

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