A short trip to Moldova

Moldova is a small country which is located not so far from the geographic center of Europe. However, it is enough hard to find modern botanical information about it, even in Wikipedia. Therefore, a group of Ukrainian botanists under egids of the green touristic project “Explore with us” has decided to visit the neighboring country for receiving of own impressions about Moldavian botanical gardens, parks and some natural areas. Today we would like to share our pictures and notes from a short trip to Moldova in pages of the Global Botanical Portal.


Exploring and shooting 🙂 Photo by Victoria Berezovska

Duration of our trip to Moldova was only three days from 29 April till 1 May 2017. Of course, it wasn’t enough for full understanding of botanical situation in the country, but we had time to like parks in Chisinau and visit an unique plot in the valley of Răut River. So, as minimum, we have a wish to repeat our trip and to visit new places in hospitable Moldova.


The valley of Răut River near Butuceni village

As it was written above, especial impressions left in our memory from Chisinau’s parks. Though, we visited the city only one week after very strong cataclysm (heavy snowfall which broke a lot of trees and twigs), we easy could apreciate beauty of these gardens.


Dendropark in Chisinau

Park “The Valley of Roses” had specific view, but it really was an amazing place in the capital of Moldova.


Park “The Valley of Roses” in Chisinau after a heavy snowfall


Park “The Valley of Roses” in Chisinau after a heavy snowfall


A Like in the park “The Valley of Roses” in Chisinau

Parks in Chisinau downtown decorate by fountains, as the one below18198669_1278977728815921_864560202888509368_n

The most interesting place in Chisinau for botanists can be the dendropark. It has enough rich collection in very good conditions with a lot of beautiful compositions. As we assume the dendropark was reconstructed several years ago. Now it is a lovely place for many people in Moldova. 18301199_1281102525270108_8050961245489998127_n







Also we visited the Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. It is hard to explain “why?”, but impressions from it is less and state isn’t so good. However we were able to find wonderful places and landscapes. Probably, it will be better to walk around the area with guide. 18118874_1278978465482514_1054048383118253371_n










I am sorry, but, according with our opinion, any parks and gardens cannot be better any natural area. So, we really were enjoyed plants and landscapes near a sacral place – Old Orhei or Orheiul Vechi. You can read about it in Wiki.18193990_1279857985394562_1628267034327900097_n

Here we found a lot of rare and interesting blooming plants. Diversity of expositions of calcareous steep slopes contributes to the existence of unique habitats.


Schivereckia podolica (Besser) Andrz. ex DC.


Aurinia saxatilis (L.) Desv.


Asplenium ruta-muraria L.


Carex humilis Leyss.


Euphorbia stepposa Zoz ex Prokh.

Vinca herbacea Waldst. & Kit.


Vinca herbacea Waldst. & Kit.


Viola sp.


Astragalus albidus Waldst. & Kit.

By the way, you can find ethno buildings in this area and meet hospitable hosts with local bread and wine 🙂18157914_1279858395394521_9184137690903212130_n


If you will decide to visit Moldova, please, remember that the Global Botanical Portal and the green touristic project “Explore with us” are always ready to help you.

Mykyta Peregrym


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  1. Whenever I visit another country, as someone who loves horticulture, I make a point to stop at their gardens.

    These are beautiful and I am sure they look even better in the summer!

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