Berlin Botanical Garden: outdoor areas

The Global Botanical Portal is continuing our photo-travel to the Berlin Botanical Garden which have been begun from the message about greenhouses of the wonderful garden. Today you will see expositions of outdoor areas and to know a few interesting facts 🙂 Let’s go! 🙂14192092_1055564211157275_1505392775063016180_nI started my excursion from exploring of useful plants collection which is situated right after near an entrance to the garden from side of Unter den Eichen. I like when it is able to find usual vegetables and herbs in botanical garden. Especially it is important for children which have never been in rural area and they don’t imagine as grow these plants. I found such area here and was happy 🙂14117736_1055564447823918_824694740201675312_n


14184490_1055564674490562_2406072177095202314_nAlso here was fragrance and touch garden 🙂 It is a nice place for relaxing 🙂14080047_1055564861157210_4483622122843482935_n

After that I visited greenhouses and the garden’s souvenir shop about which I will share my impressions in the next post. Next my explorations of the garden space led me to shady alley where I saw a few graves. The one from them was the grave of well-known botanist Adolf Engler.14184490_1055568564490173_4970066184938936157_n


The next area, where I came, was plots with aquatic and marsh plants. I should note that very comfortable conditions for these plants are created here. It is give nice opportunity for their cultivation and saving. I met a lot of rare plants in the collections which rarely can watch in other botanical gardens. 14064036_1055569057823457_811996915086915682_n




The next collection shocked me, because I dream long time about creating of something similar in Kyiv, but my dreams didn’t come true still. It was moss and lichen garden! It is fantastic! I can only imagine what efforts are needed for its existence14191906_1055568891156807_7868760609007081357_n

Then I visited the plot of medicinal plants and system of herbaceous plants.14089247_1055573584489671_7161679352471039717_n




After I walked to heart of outdoor collections – Plant geography section. It seemed I spent a few hours there 🙂 The place is gorgeous! You are able to see plants from different regions of the Northern Hemisphere’s temperate zones. Of course, during my visit, a lot of them weren’t blooming, but it wasn’t problem to identificate many plants. You can find detailed information about the area in the website of botanical garden.








And some plants 🙂








Finally, I received a bonus 🙂 It was a beautiful photomodel which slept on my way 🙂14102662_1055574537822909_8000247546582446031_n

As well the botanical garden has wonderful arboretum, several lakes, interesting building and sculptures.14088526_1055575574489472_3333407942763325556_n





14102332_1055564121157284_2709046839399820769_nAfter visit of the garden, I left comment to my Facebook album: “I had been sure that I know a little about plants, but I have understood that I have no knowledge about plant diversity … It has so rich collections !!!” Though I was there in August 2016, I still remeber a lot of details and amazing plants from all regions of the World 🙂

Mykyta Peregrym

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