East Hungary: short botanical notes

Today we will travel to East Hungary through the Global Botanical Portal 🙂 Of course, the region is very interesting in historical and cultural aspects, but we will pay attention to some botanical centres there: two botanical gardens and a national park.
I have been in the part of Hungary for two times, and I have received a lot of knowladge and possitive impressions during these trips. Nowadays I will try to share some of them 🙂 Let’s go! 🙂


Japanese garden in the botanical garden of Nyiregyhaza

A lot of people think that Hungary is just the kingdom of spa-resorts 🙂 It is a mistake 🙂 Please, believe that flora of the country is enough diversity and interesting. Besides, Hungarian botanists are very active persons, and they have done life of botanical visitors of their country easy. If you will take the last version of Hungarian indentification guide of plants in your hands, you will feel yourself in Hungarian nature like in own garden 🙂11403459_830073513706347_837208248024752066_n

My acquaintance with Hungary has started from customs the amazing city – Eger, where I has been a participant of a meeting of the Steering Committee of Planta Europa Network. This city is small, but magnificent!

Due to my colleagues from the Eszterházy Károly University, I had a great opportunity to work in their herbarium and to visit botanical garden on the roof right after my arrival.


A room of the Herbarium of University in Eger


My work place 🙂


Wonderful roof garden in Eger



A part of collection of Hungarian rare plants and a coordinator of the conservation programme – Dr. Erika Penzesne Konya 


A giant – Plantago laceolata L. 🙂

After that I visited Bükk National Park which is located not so far from Eger. It is  is Hungary’s largest national park with beech forests and various karst formations within its limestone mountains – particularly caves (once inhabited by pre-historic people), swallow-holes, and ravines.


Bukk National Park

My visit to the area was in September, therefore I didn’t see many flowering plants, nevertheless it wasn’t just walking 🙂


Colchicum autumnale L.


Gentianella austriaca A. Kern. et Jos. Kern.


Asplenium ruta-muraria L.


Carlina acaulis L.


Geastrum sp.

By the way the Eszterházy Károly University is going to organise the Botanical Week in May 2017. It may be a good opportunity to visit Eger, and Bukk National Park. You can find more details about the event here – Week of Botany20170410

The third botanical place which I visited in Hungary was the botanical garden of Nyiregyhaza city. But, it was another time – June. I have pleasant impressions from the place too. So, I have decided for myself that Hungarians like plants and nature. 🙂 More pictures from the garden below:


Entrance to the garden


Wollemia nobilis W.G.Jones, K.D. Hill & J.M.Allen







Of course, here is only a small part from all places, plants and people which I saw and met in East Hungary. I advise you to visit the country for full spectr of impressions by yourself, but please don’t visit only spa resorts there 🙂
For myself I decided that Hungary is a wonderful country where I dream to back again!

Mykyta Peregrym

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