Three Botanical Gardens of Romania

Romania is a neighbor of motherland of the Global Botanical Portal, but the country isn’t popular tourism direction in Ukraine as Poland or Hungary. I can’t identificate reasons of it for sure, probably, they are a consequence of complex problems: political, historical, infrastuctural etc. Nevertheless Romania has a lot of interesting natural and architectural objects which will remain indifferent no one. Today I would like to talk about three Romanian botanical gardens in Iasi, Bucurest and Cluj-Napoca, which I had a opportunity to visit and which I liked 🙂


The Japanese Garden in the Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden (Cluj-Napoca)

Romania is a botanical country, because people like plants here, and plants play key role for them. Moreover all Romanian banknotes are with pictures of plants (please visit the link). So, Botanical Gardens in the country underline this relations especially.


The central building of the Anastasie Fatu Botanical Garden of Iasi

The first botanical garden which I visited was Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca. It is University garden with total area about 14 hectares and around 10000 taxons in living collections of plants. All expositions of the botanical garden was very beautiful, clean and well-groomed. It is even so hard to say which from them was liked me most of all. But probably the Japanese Garden and Greenhouse complex left the stronger impressions. Please, look at some pictures from the wonderful botanical garden.


The parter with monument of Alexander Borza


Succulent collection


A freagment of the Japanese Garden


Greenhouse complex


Victoria is a diamond of the plant collection (picture from the garden’s website)

I received the next “shock” from Botanical Garden in Iasi. It is an University garden too, but with total area approximately 80 hectares. The Garden has rich collections of plants of different directions, you can find more information about in the five-lingual official website. I never forget collection of chrisanthem, useful plants and bonsai from here. Most likely my opinion is very subjective, since I was in the garden in the autumn and did not see other collections during flowering. So, I will be grateful for any comments about the botanical garden from its visitors.


The autumn exposition in the Botanical Garden of Iasi


Chrysanthemum exhibition




Lake in the Botanical Garden (Iasi)

And the last botanical garden which I saw in Romania was the Bucharest Botanical Garden named after its founder, Dimitrie Brândză. It belongs to the category of University Botanical Gardens too. The Garden has a surface of 17.5 hectares (including 4,000 m² of greenhouses), and has more than 10,000 species of plants. I visited it in last days of November, so I can nothing say about its collection in open ground, but I liked greenhouses. You can find a few pictures from there below.


Main entrance to the greenhouse complex in the Bucharest Botanical Garden




The Garden is ready for winter

I hope the information and pictures are helpful for you, and probably after reading someone has wanted to visit one from Romanian Botanical Gardens. By the way, I am going to organise one week tour to these gardens in this autumn. If it may be interesting for us, just let me know 🙂

Mykyta Peregrym


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