Would you like to be a volunteer?

Being a volunteer is a good way both to do important things and to travel around the World. Volunteering for botanists is a great opportunity to visit new places, to meet new plants, to talk with local experts etc., but the same time you will be involved in interesting and useful activity to provides services for no financial gain to benefit another person, group or organization. It often takes small money from you, and it gives you very valuable experience, skills, knowledge, contacts, impressions and memories. Of course, the Global Botanical Portal can’t pass by such opportunities for botanists, specially young, so today we will talk how you could find a volunteer project for yourself.


Mugla, Turkey

My volunteering experience isn’t rich, but I took part in several volunteer camps and projects in Turkey, Germany and Ukraine. I am very grateful to my fortune for these events in my life, every from them was unrepeatable. I already remembered my some adventures from these trips in pages of the Global Botanical Portal (A botanical garden above the Bosphorus), but I am going to continue 🙂 14040211_1050658818314481_7525157490925582843_n

I have the last and fresh impressions fron participation in the international training seminar “Urban space and ecological sustainability” (Berlin, Germany, 2016) which was possible thanks to “Service Civil International-Germany” and Ukrainian NGO “SVIT-Ukraine”. It was amazing experiences of voluntering within which I was involved in development of the website http://interacticity.net/ as well as I learnt how to do websites, how make movies, I visited Berlin Botanical Garden, Berlin Zoo, the Museum für Naturkunde – Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science, and to swam in Baltic Sea. By the way, during 3 weeks I spent only about 150 Euro for trip Kyiv – Krakow – Berlin – Krakow -Kyiv, suvenirs and some entertainments.14184486_1060221850691511_7368336962382016918_n

So, if you would like to have similar experience, I advise you to visit the database of International Projects from the Service Civil International – https://www.workcamps.info/icamps/. Now it is the best time to choose a project for yourself. At present the database contains about 250 wonderful offers for botanists. For example, you could visit Ireland for combating with alien plants or to help mowing meadows in Germany, Serbia or Chech Republic. Besides, you will find volunteer requests for different help from several European National Parks etc. The main is to be active! 🙂

If you will have questions, please, leave them in comments, and I will try to help you.

Mykyta Peregrym


Acquaintance with the experience of reclamation of seaside dunes near Warnemunde (Germany)






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