Jerusalem Botanical Garden

The Global Botanical Portal continues to tell about botanical gardens of the World. After virtual visits to M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Botanical Garden of the Istanbul University, I would like to talk about the Jerusalem Botanical Garden which I have visited in December 2016. It was a new type of botanical gardens for me, that’s because a lot of African and South American plants grow outside of greenhouses there.


My visit to the Botanical Garden was under question till the last moment because of my time limit in Jerusalem. However, I was so impressed by nature of the Arava valley, that my wish, to receive new knowledge about plants of Israel, did know no borders. Eventually, I had only about two hours for walk around the Botanical Garden, and I didn’t even try to find any contacts of local botanists before my visit. So I was there as an usual visitor. Below you can find pictures of some plants and expositions which I met in the Botanical Garden of the Holy City. 15326408_1152575048122857_2678697624818708078_n

Probably, I received the greatest impression from Proteaceae species which I saw before just in Internet and in pictures of my colleagues.


Protea obtusifolia De Wild.


Banksia serrata L. f.


Banksia integrifolia L. f.


Banksia ashbyi Baker f.


Banksia ashbyi Baker f.

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden has rich collection of succulent plants


Aloe arborescens Mill.


Cotyledon orbiculata L.


There are several Arbutus species. Their fruits were very tasty 🙂


Arbutus glandulosa M. Martens & Galeotti


Arbutus unedo L.


It was pleasant to see many blooming plants, especially bulb plants


Crocus hyemalis Boiss. & Blanche


Narcissus papyraceus Ker Gawl


Iris unguicularis Poir.


Crithmum maritimum L.


Limonium perezii (Stapf) F.T. Hubb.


Scaevola aemula R.Br.


Stipa capilla L. 

Also I saw many palms, water plants, different trees etc. As well I liked some expositions


A greenhouse under reconstruction



“Our roots” by Will Beckers

I understand that my visit wasn’t in the best time for watching of maximum number of flowering plants, but I was satisfied totally. Though, of course, I would like to be here again 🙂 Sometime in spring 🙂

Mykyta Peregrym



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