Western Crete: these incredible plants

The Global Botanical Portal continues to share pictures of wonderful flowers from Crete (Greece) with short comments. Probably, you have already read our post about the fabulous beaches of Elafonisi area. Today I would like to remember about plants which met in other parts of Western Crete during field trip with my collegues from Bulgaria, Switzerland and Ukraine. 10308245_663813440332356_3554460830842464013_nCrete is an unique island of Mediterranean region. Here you can already comfortably swim in the sea in May, however you are able to find snow drifts on mountain tops at the same time. Vegetation cover of the island is so rich as and landscape diversity. It is connected with history of origin of Crete which counts about 23 million years: around 5 million years from them the island was isolated from the mainland. As a result, out of the 2,000 species which can be found in Crete, 160 of them are endemic to the island.


An endemic of the island – Ebenus cretica L. (Fabaceae)

There are relict species too. For an example, fantastic ferns Woodwardia radicans (L.) Sm. and Osmunda regalis L., which you can see below


Woodwardia radicans (L.) Sm.



Osmunda regalis L.

I had special impressions from plants of Araceae family


Dracunculus vulgaris Schott


Probably, Arum concinnatum Schott



Arisarum vulgare Targ.-Tozz.

Of course I saw a lot of other amazing plants and flowers 🙂


Sarcopterium spinosum (L.) Spach. (Rosaceae)


Ferula communis L. (Apiaceae) and me in the Botanical Garden of the Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece


Asphodeline lutea (L.) Rchb. (Asphodelaceae)




You can find more informations and discuss of your questions in the website “Cretan Flora” as well as in Facebook groups “Cretan Flora” and “Flowers of Crete“.

Have a nice botanical weekend,
Mykyta Peregrym

P.S. My lovely Crete, I will come back to you one time … 🙂


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