Pulsatilla: lovely flowers of Ukrainian spring

The layer of snow becomes less, the sun shines brighter and air are warmer in Kyiv during the last week. So, many people have good mood and are feeling the coming of spring. It is pleasent for each from us, because all we will be able to enjoy from florescence of our lovely spring plants soon. Someone waits for snowdrops, someone likes bluebells and / or crocuses, as well as someone associates spring with Pulsatilla species in Ukraine. Today the Global Botanical Portal will talk about pasque-flowers in Ukrainian natural flora.


Pulsatilla pratensis (L.) Mill. s.l. in Lutugine district, Lugansk region, Ukraine

There are 5 species of Pulsatilla genus in flora of Ukraine: P. grandis Wender., P. pratensis (L.) Mill. s.l., P. patens (L.) Mill. s.l., P. scherfelii (Ullep.) Skalický, P. taurica Juz. They are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine and are under governmental protection here. That’s because number of populations of these species decreases in results of influence of human activity, especially collection of flowers for bouquets and planting in private gardens. Also a few hybrids are known, but their origin aren’t established completely still.


Pulsatilla scherfelii (Ullep.) Skalicky in the Carpathian Mountains (Hoverla Mountain, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine)

Last two years I helped my colleagues from Hungary and Sweden in studying of these plants in Ukraine. I hope their investigations will find some answers about taxonomy, history of distribution, and ecology of these amazing plants. That will be useful for development effective approaches in conservation of these species.


Pulsatilla grandis Wender in a living collection of the O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Of course, these first spring plants with big flowers are interested not only for scientists, as well as they are a lovely object for nature photographers. It is amazing to observe meeting these people with these plants 🙂


Pulsatilla and photographers 

You can find more pictures of these wonderful plants below


Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. s.l. in a pine forest near Kyiv, Ukraine


Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. near Kyiv (Ukraine)


Pulsatilla pratensis (L.) Mill. s.l. in a pine forest near Kyiv (Ukraine)


A hybrid


Another hybrid

If you would like to watch Pulsatilla in Ukrainian nature, please, contact with me.

Kind regards,
Mykyta Peregrym


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