A botanical garden above the Bosphorus

I like Istanbul, an amazing megapolis with very specific atmosphere for people from East Europe. It is strange, but I started loving the city before my first visit to it thanks to novels by Orhan Pamuk which had big influence for me. When I was there the last time, November 2015, I had a great opportunity to look at collections of the Botanical Garden of the Istanbul University which is located in a wonderful place on a shore of The Golden Horn. You will be able to find some pictures and my impressions from the visit below12196054_893254967388201_2576618168608304577_n

First of all, I would like to say that my acquaintance with the Istanbul Botanical Garden took place thanks to Mr. Bahadır Enc who works there. I am very grateful to Bahadir for his time and very interesting tour around the garden which was started from roof of a greenhouse. There opens unbelievable view to the Gold Horn and Galatasaray district 12240053_893472620699769_4978627607874424009_n

The Botanical Garden has small area, but enough rich collections in both greenhouses and open part. Plants were in good conditions, and I enjoyed by florescence of some of them.









Also it is important to note good layout of exposures12193323_893472570699774_1234158030490892220_n


As well I liked the herbarium and its collection






This is such a wonderful botanical place is the Istanbul! I advise to visit it when you will be there.

Kind regards,
Mykyta Peregrym


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