A few words about Ukrainian snowdrops

Today was the first sunny and warm day in Kyiv during which people had a opportunity to feel “smell” of the coming spring after long and cold winter. However, feeling of real spring will come only after appearance of first blooming plants in nature. This role usually is performed by snowdrops in our latitudes of the North Hemisphere.12631283_928427693870928_3333913385694859430_n

There are 3 species of Galanthus L. (Amaryllidaceae) in natural flora of Ukraine. All they are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. It means that these species are under state protection. You can find pictures and short information about distribution of every species in Ukraine below:


Galanthus nivalis L.

  1. Galanthus nivalis L.  is enough common species in Ukraine, especially in western regions of the country (map of distribution here). But the number of individuals is decreasing in its populations in results of mass collecting of its flowers and bulbs by local populations.

    Galanthus elwesii Hook. f.

    2. Galanthus elwesii Hook.f. is known from south-west regions of Ukraine (map). Its habitats are small forests and shrub communities between steppe area.


    Galanthus plicatus M.Bieb.

    3. Galanthus plicatus M.Bieb. has been noted only for Crimea long time, but Ukrainian botanists have found big population of the species in central part of Ukraine too several years ago (map). We don’t have unified opinion about origin of it still. Some scientists are convinced it is a natural location, other say about successful introduction by man. These discussions usually are very hot, sometimes with using bad words and personal insults 🙂


I guess that inhabitants of Central and West Ukraine will see blooming of amazing snowdrops during the next two-three weeks. However people who live in south part of Ukraine, especially in Crimea, probably can admire this phenomenon at the present.

Mykyta Peregrym

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2 Responses to A few words about Ukrainian snowdrops

  1. Thank you very much for your informations. 2012 I was with a friend of mine for 10 days on Crimea.It was one of my best adventure in my live.2011 I was in the old botanical garden of Kiew,because of ferns.


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