Wonderful Armenia: Monocotyledons

I have been visited to Armenia in May 2013 due to my colleagues from NGO “Young Biologists Association” who invited a group of Ukrainian young botanists for participating in a exchange programme. We lived between mountain ranges in Tsaghkadzor city, which is located about 1900 m above sea level. The meeting was enough interesting and organizators prepared nice field trips to slopes around the city, to Sevan Lake and Dilijan National Park.10313058_658143767565990_1173815731385598435_n

It was amazing time, because we could admire blooming apple-trees in Tsaghkadzor, but snow-capped peaks were close to us. Therefore, I as a typical fan of botany had very big problems in combating with need to sit in our lecture room against my wild wish to explore Armenian nature. Of course, my wish was the winner all time 🙂 Below I would like to show some photo results of my exploration. Today I post just several rare and ornamental monocotyledons, but I will continue to publish other plants from this country too.






You can find more pictures of flowers from Armenia in the Facebook group “Plants of Armenia“. Also I hope the Global Botanical Portal will receive not one article about flora and vegetation of the wonderful country from local botanists in the future.
To be continue! 🙂

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