The desert comes alive

During three weeks of November-December 2016 I had amazing trip to the State of Israel. My main aim was to take part in the MASHAV International training course “Environmental Management of Natural Parks and Reserves”, and, of course, I wanted to know more about a new country for me and its nature. You can find short article about my trip here (mashav), but today I am going to tell about a natural phenomenon, which I observed in desert of the Arava valley and didn’t mention in the publication.israel_2016-054           Every year I as and many other inhabitants of temperate zone of the North Hemisphere wait for spring. Reasons for it are thousands, but main from them is the waking up of nature and blooming of different ephemera and ephemeroids. Of course, the phenomena is fantastic, but nothing new in the same time for local people.
I have heard about amazing impressions of observing of waking up of desert before, but I never had a opportunity to see it. Frankly, I didn’t think that something could be better than blooming of Tulipa or Galanthus species which I often see in Ukraine. However I have made a mistake…israel_2016-095

I have been lived in Kibbutz Ketura, which is located in the southern part of Israel, about 50 km north of Eilat city. The area is so arid, only 30 mm precipitation per year. Talking other words: only 7 rainy days per year. My first impression – nothing interesting, only stones, sand, several acacias and shrubs. But it was my second mistakes … israel_2016-547

As it turned out, I was very lucky, because first three days of my visit were rainy. After that local nature started changing. I was able to meet a lot of blooming plants, but the most memorable impression was flowering of ephemera, Eremobium aegyptiacum (Spreng.) Asch. (Brassicaceae), on sand dunes. It seemed unbelievable: the emergence of millions of plants through the thick layers of sand that were completely dry and lifeless recently.




These ephemera are so different as well as awakening of nature in different zones! 🙂

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