Which information will the Global Botanical Portal share in news?

Our news will be diverse: analytical, academic, sometimes cheerful, sometimes beautiful and others. Today I would like to present the first analytical review which will concern opportunities for professional florists and amateurs of botany in the most popular social network – Facebook.


I would like to begin the review from a personal story. A few years ago my colleague from Romania started posting nice photos of amazing flowers from flora of his country in the Facebook-group “Ukrainian Botanical Group“. Then I was an active participant there. One time I saw a beautiful Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in his pictures which was identified incorrectly. But Romanian botanists weren’t agreeing with my opinion long time, because they didn’t believe in the possibility of finding the species in the territory of their country. After long discussions, checking a lot of books, articles and herbariums as well as collecting additional data in field, my colleagues accepted my opinion, and we published the article together which you can find here. It was good experience of collaboration for both countries.

So, I would like to inform you about big Facebook groups where you will be able to find a lot of pictures of different plants from all the World, to ask help of experts in plant identification, to post own pictures, to say own opinion etc. I understand that I am not able to mention all groups; therefore I will be grateful to you for any additions in comments.

Corfu’s Flora and Fauna


Cretan Flora

Europäische Wildwachsende Orchideen

European Orchid Fans


Indian Flora


Flora and Fauna of Belarus

Flora and Fauna of Georgia

Flora Andaluza: identificacion, usos y conservacion

Flora of Bhutan

Flora of Lebanon in pics

Flora of Malaysia and Singapore

Flora of Mongolia

Flora of Nepal

Flora of southern Africa

Flora of Tropical Africa

Flora of Turkey

Flora of Ukraine

Flora of Vietnam

Flora spontanea siciliana

Fotografía Flora Silvestre de la Pení

Native Flora and Fauna of Hawai’i

Plants of Armenia

Rainforest Flora — Tillandsia Enthusiasts

Tasmanian Flora

Texas Flora

The Flora

Ukrainian Botanical Group

Western Australia Flora and Fauna Photography

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2 Responses to Which information will the Global Botanical Portal share in news?

  1. Eugene says:

    I think +Planta! would be suitable here as well.


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