Hi, Botanical World! :)

Keep the tool for your easier and simpler life! I hope it will be useful for you! 🙂

The Global Botanical Portal has been created for botanists from all the World. However if you aren’t a botanist, but you have interest to plants, flowers, or / and to some botanists 🙂 , then the resourse is for you too.

The website contains current information about open positions for job and education, botanical and ecological events, and diversity of other valuable data, which could be helpful for people who are involved in plant science and nature conservation.

I develop the Global Botanical Portal by myself. I do updates here after searching information in the Internet. Therefore, I can miss some important information. So, I will be very grateful to you for sharing by any actual relevant information with me. As well you should remember that the website’s news line is always open for announcements of your botanical discoveries, presentation of your books etc. It is absolutely free for botanists and botanical organisations. I will be thankful for your collaboration! 🙂

So, explore it! 🙂

Mykyta Peregrym


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